The Soutono SX3|02 is a 3-season, 2-person solar tent system with innovative technology and high-quality design for an incredible backpacking or camping experience.

Your Greatest Outdoor Experience Yet

Built with innovative solar technology to complement a sleek tri-arc architecture maximizing space.


An ultralight and rugged solar panel harness the sun to stay powered up, or you can roll it into your pack. The embedded 5000mAh buffer battery maintains a suitable discharge rate from the panel into your plugged-in device or devices.


USB-C ports quickly charge two portable devices at a time (such as smartphones, cameras, batteries, and lanterns). Made of robust and lightweight materials, the charging hub was designed to withstand rough handling.


Tri-arc architecture with resistant and lightweight materials to maximize interior space, a more dynamic stance and more vertical room for you to stretch out in, so you can enjoy a camping experience that is more convenient and comfortable than ever before.

Innovative Technology

Superior User Experience

High-quality Design

Photovoltaic Energy in a Sturdy Package

Light as A Feather, Solid as a Rock